Friday, February 17, 2017

Surf's Up (Brian Wilson solo, Autumn 1967)

                                                     Stripped down and beautiful. Love the piano bass lines in the final verse.

Leaving This Town (Live) + Studio

                                                          One of my very favorite Beach Boy songs from the all to often overlooked "Holland" LP. Written by Ricky Fataar with Blondie & Carl . The live version is taken form their 1973 tour. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Status Quo - Ice In The Sun (1968) HD 0815007

status quo - pictures of matchstick men - enhanced sound

                                                           Another huge fave from this era with cool video to add to its monsterness.

Circus Maximus - "Rest Of My Life To Go", original mono LP

                                                   A follow up to Blue's earlier post by them.

Billy Nicholls-Girl from New York

                                                            From the never publicly released 1968 album `Would You Believe`featuring Steve Marriot on Guitar. Copies of this LP fetch big bucks.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Contents Are - Country Roads 1967

                                                    1967 Iowa pop-psych band that put out an extremely rare LP that this cut came off of.                                                    

After Tea - I'm Here

                                                             Dutch Pop-Psych 1970

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fried Eggs by the Intruders 1959

B.F.D.R.F. Blues

B.F.D.R.F. - Big Fucking Deal Rat Fink

THE EQUALS - Baby Come Back [ 1968 Video In NEW STEREO ].mp4

THE EQUALS - Baby Come Back [ 1968 Video In NEW STEREO ].mp4

Deep Purple Hush (Original Film Clip 1968)


Lots of surface noise but great King sound. Aces! Features Eddie Lockjaw Davis on tenor sax.

Baby You've Been Wrong - Henry Glover

His debut, backed by Lucky Millender Orchestra

Henry Glover - Soft (1953)

Honky Tonk pt 1 by Bill Doggett 1956