Friday, October 31, 2014

Jeff Beck- A day in the life -(Jimmy Page was there!!)

Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton - Can't Find My Way Home

John Lennon & Frank Zappa

John and Frank performing with a shrieking woman on stage at the Fillmore East in 1971.

I don't know how you were inverted...

Harry Nilsson ~ Jump Into The Fire ~ Nilsson Schmilsson

Ronnie Lane

Badfinger 'Come And Get It' HD)

Emitt Rhodes - Long Time No See

The Doors Live at "American Bandstand" 1967 Full HD Footage

Lip synced as usual. Had not seen this one before now.

Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues 1968

13th Floor Elevators - Youre Gonna Miss Me (best quality)

American Bandstand, not sure but sounds live.

The Snobs (1964)

Jeff Beck - Little Wing 6-12-2011

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thane Russal and Three - Your love is burning me

Hollands got talent Amira Willighagen sings opera ENGLISH SUBTITLES

2CELLOS - Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix [LIVE VIDEO]

2CELLOS - Highway To Hell feat. Steve Vai [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

2CELLOS - Thunderstruck [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


The Trooper by Steve'n'Seagulls (LIVE)

Steve'n'Seagulls ! Great band, great band name ! Here they cover Iron Maiden's song about the Charge Of The Light Brigade in the Crimean War. Finnish guys playing a song about fighting Russians, makes sense. The only other Finnish pop musician I know of is Jorma Kaukonen. Here they cover Iron Maiden's song about the charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War. Purists might be put off by these guys but I really like em. American Indians might not approve either, but I even like the war bonnet. Funny but they are so tight. Especially the Jimi Hendrix of banjo players.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Cosmic Dead (Live 2014)


Heavy space psych.......whipped into a frenzy.  Live at Dunajam festival.

Monday, October 27, 2014

BRINCOS - World, Devil, Body

                                                 A big fave from Spain (circa 1969)....a take off on Dante...."your hair and your face your arms and legs hanging off live and to love, to be and to know...this is your body" enjoy the journey!

Blues Incorporated on BBC Jazz Club, July 12 1962

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated on BBC Jazz Club July 12 1962

Alexis Korner - Guitar, vocals
Cyril Davies - Harmonica, vocals
Dick Heckstall-Smith - Saxophone
Dave Stevens- Piano
Jack Bruce - Bass
Charlie Watts - Drums

Hey, Hey
Band Introduction
Spooky But Nice
Hoochie Coochie Man

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jack Bruce (Live) -"Theme From an Imaginary Western", "Rope Ladder To The Moon", "Never Tell Your Mother She's Out of Tune"



The Loved Ones – The Loved One


Cool tuff vocals!



                                     Another of Australia's finest.

Les Baroques-Love Is The Sun

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nels Cline + Bill Frisell in Big Sur

Tales Of Brave Ulysses

Jack Bruce has died.

Strange I was just thinking about him this morning when I woke up, wondering about what an amazing thing it would be to play music in one's life with both Clapton and McLaughlin. I was lucky enough to see both Cream and the Jack Bruce Band. The former was definitely Jack's band. Amazing and equally facile on both bass and harmonica, he certainly had his own unique sound.

Bless you, Jack.

John Symon Asher Bruce - 1943-2014

Martin Denny - Misirlou

Dick Dale & The Del Tones "Misirlou" 1963

The Atlantics- Reef break ( Aamazing Australia guitar instrumental 1963)

The Atlantics - Come On (1967)

Chocolate Watch Band - Come On

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Third World - Irie Ites

Mummy Was An Asteroid, Daddy Was A Small Non-Stick Kitchen Utensil

Quiet Sun - Early Phil Manzanera prog/fusion band. Great title.

Ulco Bed

I discovered this guy listening to Candy Dulfer. He reminds me of one of my favorite players, Phil Manzanera. The blues singer is Sue Chaloner, this clip, albeit with its somewhat crummy recording,is from the Milkveg in Amsterdam. Ulco is a very tasteful player.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

La De Das - How is the Air Up There?

                                              One of the best from 60's Australia.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Iko Iko

Professor Longhair- Bald Head

James Booker - Ain't Nobody's Business

Johnny Adams - Salt of The Earth

Baby Please - Snooks Eaglin

Allen Toussaint - "What Do You Want The Girl To Do" Live at KPLU

Allen Toussaint is one of the great songwriters of our time. He is also an incredible arranger, historian, and a true gentleman. I've seen him a few times and beyond having an extraordinary catalog of music, it is embracing  to be in the presence of this gracious, humanitarian. He is currently on tour with the Preservation Hall Jazz band and all reports are that this is a show that should not be missed.... especially if you love New Orleans.

I'll be catching him at the Bellyup in Solana beach November 16.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Come On Chuck Berry

since my baby farted...

The Mickey Finn - Garden Of My Mind - 1967 45rpm

Fire - Father`s Name Is Dad

At Last - Etta James with lyrics on screen

Boom! Boom! - John Lee Hooker

Paul Revere & The Raiders - Just Like Me - [original STEREO]

                                     Love the dueling lead guitars....great band!

Peter Green`s Fleetwood Mac - (Live) Black magic woman 1968

                                                 Live version from the creator/composer and guitar genius. BB King famously said that Green's tone  truly touched him.

Your Time Is Gonna Come

Spirit - Taurus

Once long ago, in a time called 1968, a little known band named Led Zeppelin opened up for the band Spirit. The rest, as they say is history. Randy California (Wolf) wrote this particular composition when he was 16 years old.

From Wiki:

In 1996, in the liner notes for the reissue of Spirit's first album, California stated "people always ask me why 'Stairway to Heaven' sounds exactly like 'Taurus,' which was released two years earlier. I know Led Zeppelin also played 'Fresh Garbage' in their live set. They opened up for us on their first American tour".[5] The fact that "Fresh Garbage" was a track from the same album that includes the song "Taurus" further fueled the belief that Led Zeppelin was at least aware of the song. In 2014, a copyright infringement and injunction lawsuit against the reissue of Led Zeppelin IV started with the lawyer saying,"The idea behind this is to make sure that Randy California is given a writing credit on Stairway to Heaven."[6]

Jimmy Page calls the accusations ridiculous. Of course its not the first time they failed to give a songwriter credit.

I never liked Stairway to Heaven and eventually learned to really hate it. Reading the Zeppelin anecdotes in the Bill Graham bio by Greenfield made me sick to my stomach. Was Page a nasty Crowleyan with a passion for the occult who liked to screw pre teens? Maybe. Not one of my favorite bands.


Causa Sui: Homage (2013)

                                   From this excellent Danish psych band....check out the entire LP if you have the time... pretty great stuff.

Rolling Stones - Psychedelic - Child of the Moon

                                         A little known psychedelic gem from the Stones, used for the B-side of the Jumping Jack Flash single in 1968.

BEATLES-Psychedelic-Tomorrow Never Knows

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Beatles-Hey Jude

Neil Young - After The Gold Rush (From Rust Never Sleeps)

Peter Lang / When Kings Come Home

Robbie Basho - Lost Lagoon Suite

Chet Atkins, Leo Kottke and Doc Watson - Last Steam Engine Train

Leo Kottke - Six String; Medley: Available Space (Ry Cooder) / June Bug,...

TAJ MAHAL & RY COODER - By & By (Poor Me)

Ry Cooder - Dark Was the Night.wmv

BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON - Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground

Canned Heat - On The Road Again

I think Canned Heat were the most original and the best white blues band. Just my opinion.

Chess 1498 - Floyd Jones - Dark Road

Supposedly this song also influenced Canned Heat, specifically On The Road Again, along with Tommy Jones' The Big Road Blues.

Tommy Johnson - Big Road Blues

Tommy Johnson (1896 -- November 1, 1956) was an influential American delta blues musician, who recorded in the late 1920s, and was known for his eerie falsetto voice and intricate guitar playing.
Johnson was born near Terry, Mississippi, and moved around 1910 to Crystal Springs where he lived for most of his life. He learned to play the guitar and, by 1914, was supplementing his income by playing at local parties with his brothers Major and LeDell. In 1916 he married and moved to Webb Jennings' Plantation near Drew, Mississippi, close to the Dockery Plantation. There he met other musicians including Charlie Patton and Willie Brown.
By 1920 he had become an alcoholic and itinerant musician, based in Crystal Springs but travelling widely around the South, sometimes accompanied by Papa Charlie McCoy. In 1928 he made his first recordings with McCoy for Victor Records. The recordings included "Canned Heat Blues", in which he sang of drinking methanol from the cooking fuel Sterno. The song features the refrain "canned heat, mama, sure, Lord, killing me." The blues group Canned Heat took their name from this song. Johnson's "Big Road Blues" inspired Canned Heat's song, "On the Road Again". A significantly different version of the song appears as "Canned Heat" on the Big Road Blues album by K. C. Douglas.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Paul Revere And The Raiders - Steppin' Out

Paul Revere has died at the age of 76, succumbing to cancer. The Raiders were a great band. I was amazed to see how much Raiders memorabilia there was up in Seattle at the Hendrix Museum.

In a way I think that they shared a lot with J. Geils. Both bands' lead singers had a greater presence then the bands' namesakes and they both had a raw and gutsy singing style. Another one bites the dust.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mongolian "popeye style" throat singing rapper gets down and dirty- that's it - we've officially passed the point of hope and redemption, end is near

My mongolian is a bit rusty but here is a rough translation:

"Drinking a cold forty
 from the top of my yak
it's hard to find love
with asian sisters this whack.
Out here representing
can be a real test
but you gots to admit
that our barbecue's best.
While swag and accoutrements we certainly lack
do your bitches have children 
while riding horseback?"

Toufic Farroukh: "Lili s'en fout" official video clip

Arab Jazz/ Toufic Farroukh from the album "Drab Zeen"

Follow the link below for info, "Into the rhythm"  is an excellent Jazz blog

into the rhythm: Toufic Farroukh - Drab Zeen

แห่นาคห้วยลาน หล่มสัก

Electric psychedelia Thai style. At three minutes in the band covers 'Zombie' a Cranberries song.

The electric lute ( phin ) player is Beer, the band is called Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band. The band formed in a remote village and they 'tour' with the mobile sound system shown in the video. Rockin'.

The Beatles - The Inner Light - [India / Pic.]

The Eagles - Train Leaves Here This Morning

Written by Gene Clark and Bernie Leadon.

The Flying Burrito Brothers - Tried So Hard

The Gene Clark No Other Band - "Silver Raven" Ft. Iain Matthews

Gene Clark was one of the primary members of the Byrds in their first incarnation. His songs, such as "I'll feel a Whole Lot Better" and "Eight Miles High"were some of their their biggest hits. His is the story of the under-rated casualty of a music business where big egos, drink and drugs eventually leads to the demise of an essentially shy personality. His death came at the age of 46 in 1991, after a binge episode following a surge of royalties, when Tom Petty covered " I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better" on the mega hit album "Full Moon Fever".
Clark's masterpiece is "No Other, an album from 1974, which used lush studio production and top players on the LA scene to build a suite of songs that captured the melancholy majesty at the center of Clark's vision. The record was a flop, un-promoted by David Geffen who was incensed at it's $100,000 cost, and the highly produced studio sound. Just a year later this type of album became the industry standard when Fleetwood Mac ( with Buckingham/Nicks )  released their eponymous record and became monster stars. Thus it goes with Gene Clark, falling off the train at top speed, back on too early.

Now "No Other" is recognized as the wonder it is.  It sounds as if it could have been made today. Early this year, a "supergroup" organized by Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand of Beach House, and featuring Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold, Grizzly Bear's Daniel Rossen, the Walkmen's Hamilton Leithauser, and Iain Matthews of Plainsong/Fairport Convention, performed the album in it's entirety. The full concert is available on Youtube,-while the interpretations are just a bit too slavishly true to the originals for my taste, the concert sounds superb.  Here is Iain Matthews (who looks fantastic!) covering the best know song off the album, "Silver Raven". The entire " Gene Clark No Other Band " concert can be found on Youtube, as can Gene Clark's  original album. 

Gene Clark - No other (1974) (expanded version)