Monday, March 30, 2015

Dave Berry - The Crying Game

Betty Carter - What a Little Moonlight Can Do

Simon Sisters 'If You Come Down To The Water' recorded June 24, 1964

Tim Hardin - Don't Make Promises

The Misunderstood - Never Had A Girl Like You Before (1969) Fontana, Psy...

them - one two brown eyes



Carly Simon ~ Boys In The Trees (1978)

                                                    To compliment DK's excellent Carly post. A personal fave.

Insane Drum Solo • Buddy Rich

                                                    Believe it or not...he really did not like to show off. A great video of him at his peak!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Theme • Ennio Morricone

nsfw - Rudy Ray Moore - Dolemite

Lord Buckley - The Nazz

Ken Nordine - Word Jazz

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross Moanin'

Blossom Dearie - I'm Hip

Blossom Dearie - Someone To Watch Over Me

Love Blossom Dearie, her voice 'affects' me. Wanted to post it but couldn't find the song about 'two heads are better than one'.

Richard Cheese - Creep

Richard cheese - Stairway to heaven

Dick Cheese !

ZZ TOP - Fool For Your Stockings & Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings 1980 *re-u...

Billy Gibbons is the one in the white shirt, in the middle. The Moving Sidewalks came to prominence opening for The Jimi Hendrix Experience during Hendrix's first American tour as a headliner. Gibbons has commented during live performances, while playing the intro to Foxy Lady, that Hendrix taught him how to play the song when Gibbons was "about 17" in Dallas. Longstanding rumors have it that at the end of the tour Hendrix gave Gibbons the pink Stratocaster he had been playing as a token of his appreciation for Billy' talent. Hendrix subsequently stated that Gibbons was one of the best guitarists in the U.S.

 the US.

The Moving Sidewalks - Joe Blues

The Moving Sidewalks - 99th Floor

Billy Gibbons co-founded The Moving Sidewalks in Houston in 1967.  The psychedelic blues-rockers went on to open for a number of famous artists, including Jimi Hendrix and The Doors, and released one album, 1968′s Flash.  The group disbanded in 1969 when Summers and Moore were drafted into the military.  Gibbons and Mitchell then formed an early version of ZZ Top.

Live From Daryl's House - La Grange -

Little Willie John "All Around The World" King 4818 (1955) LYRICS ARE HERE

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Signe Anderson

The Marvellettes "Hunter Gets Captured By the Game"

Judy Henske & Jerry Yester - Snowblind

Merrilee Rush & The Turnabouts

Evie Sands - I Can't Let Go (stereo)

Haitian Divorce

                                                  Skip the 30 second intro...from there it 's pretty fun.

Neil Finn - She Will Have Her Way

Rickie Lee Jones "Show Biz Kids" (Steely Dan Cover)

Emerson Lake & Palmer rehearsing Karn Evil 9 (2nd movement)

joni mitchell - help me (live in london 1974) HQ

Joni Mitchell - Car on a Hill

Homegrown IV KGB Leucadia

Happy Birthday Diana, RIP.

Joni Mitchell - Woodstock (Live In-Studio 1970)


Joni Mitchell-California (BBC)

Baby - Os Mutantes (English Version) ; Gal Costa e Caetano Veloso - Baby (Portuguese)


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Keith Moon - Who Are You (isolated drum track)

Blind Mellon - 3 Is A Magic Number.wmv

Alice In Chains - Would? (Unplugged)

Juicy Lucy ~ Willie The Pimp ~ 1970

with the great glen campbell from the misunderstood.

Napoleon Murphy Brock - Steady Freddy


More early Zappa - on guitar with Van Vliet and The Magic Band. Photo is of drummer Zappa with his first band The Blackouts.

Zappa - Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance

Original version


Original version of Sharleena from the aborted 2nd Hot Rats LP sessions in 1970; featuring Sugarcane Harris on lead vocal.

The Mothers of Invention - Fountain of Love

Original version from 1963 recorded in Cucamonga, later appeared on Cruising With Ruben & The


Zappa & Beefheart- Tiger Roach

More very early Frank Zappa + Don Vliet

Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa -Lost in a Whirpool

Recorded in 1958 with Frank Zappa on lead guitar, Bobby Zappa on rhythm guitar and of course The Captain on vocals.

Early Frank Zappa - Brian Lord - The Big Surfer/Not another One! on VIGAH!

Frank Zappa and Paul Buff produced "The Big Surfer". Frank Zappa wrote, played guitar and acted as a surfer on this track.
Paul Buff and Dave Aerni wrote, produced and played guitar on "Not Another One!".

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nico - I'll Keep It With Mine (Plus a kind bonus clip)

The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down Rooftop concert [HQ]

Only 321 youtube views. Wtf?

Steve Tibbetts, "Ur"

You Can Close Your Eyes - James Taylor

Elvis Costello - Alison

Pops Staples - "Sweet Home" (Full Album Stream)

Pops Staples - "Don't Lose This"

New Pops Staples Album!!

Say No More- Just Listen

The Brogues For What It's Worth

This is the other Brogues, the Ohio band, circa 1965. Little slow...

"Rumble"-Link Wray(1978)

Mary McCaslin - Windigo

Mary is pretty amazing. She wrote my favorite song in David Bromberg's repertoire, Young Westley.

The Brogues - Don't Shoot Me Down

The omens - Searching

I'll Keep It With Mine -- Dean & Britta (Bob Dylan) @ Carnegie Lecture H...

PSY Gangnam Style in The Nut Job (Blu-ray) Edition

Wussy - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

One of Robert Christgau's favorite bands.

Cincinnati band, this stuff is off their new record- first song is a riff on "Baba O'reilly"

I really love their record "Funeral Dress".

She rocker gurl sexy, he- not sexy, but was the lead writer for the ASS PONYS, another fine band.

If you follow the KEXP youtube channel you will learn about an amazing array of NEW MUSIC!

Concrete Blonde

SEMINAL RATS - Rat Race.mp4

Incredibly Obscure Australian "Stooges" clone band. I have this on Vinyl -can not be listened to too loud!!!!!

Songs: Ohia - Farewell Transmission

Ok- so this is the first song from the "Magnolia Electric Company" album where Jason Molina channels Neil Young into a hybrid beauty of power, sadness, and mythic metaphor. Just one of the best records of it's era. Recently rereleased.

Califone - "Movie Music Kills a Kiss" (Official Video)

Excellent Techno Blues from one of my favorite bands of the last decade.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Harry Belafonte - Darlin Cora

The Avantis - Keep On Dancing

The Gentrys

Björk - Human Behaviour (Glastonbury)

All Or Nothing

Johnny Guitar Watson


Cruising with Ruben & the Jets

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - I'm Glad

From Safe as Milk. In ping pong stereo with M.O.I. falsetto doo wop stylings.

I'm Glad (Demo '66) Captain Beefheart

Captain Beefheart goes mainstream R&B. Nice. Great video of the band at Cannes, January 68, good pick, thanks Chip !