Thursday, April 30, 2015

Beethoven - Violin sonata #9, 'Kreutzer' (Perlman / Ashkenazy) 1st movement

Change video quality to 480p for best sound.

Donald Byrd / Pepper Adams - Stardust

Steppenwolf - Rock Me

Steppenwolf - Rock Me

Ringo Starr - Postcards From Paradise

Toot Blues

Toot Blues remarkably captures the true essence and talent of  artists like Guitar Gabriel, a 'homeless magic potion selling' blues genius; to Willa Mae Buckner, a snake charming elderly woman taunting delightfully raunchy blues; to Beverly 'Guitar' Watkins, a grandmother who continues to tear up the stage and play a killer electric guitar behind her head; to Bishop Dready Manning and family churning out homebrewed rockabilly-gospel; to Boo Hanks, an 80 year-old bluesman recording an album for the very first time; to blind guitarist, Cootie Stark, mesmerizing crowds world-wide while never failing to find his way home by himself.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Wimple Winch (UK Freakbeat) - "Save My Soul"; "Atmospheres"; "Rumble On Mersey Square South"



The Boots - "But You'll Never Do It Babe" - 1965 - Telefunken Records

Bee Gees - "Holiday" (1967) [HQ Stereo]; "I Started A Joke" (1968) [HQ]; "Massachusetts" (1967) ; "Words" (1968); "I've Gotta Get a Message To You" (HD); "Lonely Days" (Promo Clip 1970)


Grateful Dead - Althea - July 19, 1989

The song starts at 1:00 minute

Badfinger - Day After Day (1971 - HQ - Restored)

Rock & Roll - Velvet Underground

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pink Floyd - See Emily Play

                                                   With a different video than the one Blue posted a while back.

Pink Floyd - Live 1971 "Careful with that Axe Eugene"


Footage from the Sydney show at Randwick Racetrack during their
Australian tour in 1971. Note : the sound is not from the same concert being in fact from the
live part of "Ummagumma".

John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix

BUDDY MILES - Them Changes

The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever (very rare jam session)

The Beatles - Norwegian Wood (Super Rare Version)

The Beatles - Flying. (Rare)

Orgel - 07. It's A Small World

H2O - It's A Small World

IT'S A SMALL WORLD (Full Ride) Disneyland - POV SUPER HIGH QUALITY (1080...

Faust & Gary Burger - Beware (The Transatlantic Feedback)

The Monks - Monk Chant

The Monks - Boys Are Boys and Girls Are Choice

Monks - Black Monk Time (1966) [Full Album]

Dan in Real Life: Wedding Scene

The Beatles It's All Too Much (Alternate Unedited Mix)

This version is complete and unedited - with an extra verse not included on final version. A psychedelic masterpiece that truly paved the way!!

Steve Hillage - "It's All Too Much"/"The Golden Vibe" (Live)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Donovan - "Lord Of The Dance" + "Season Of the Witch" (Live 1967)


The Velvet Underground & Nico "I'll Be Your Mirror" (Warhol film footage); Femme Fatale" Live; "All Tomorrow's Parties" (Lyrics) with "Edie Sedgwick" and "Nico" HD

If you click on the "youtube" button on the video below you can watch "Femme Fatale" live performance....disabled here.

Jeff Beck / A Day in the Life / Live at B.B. King Blues Club

E.Costello & B.Bacharach - Session at 54th - My Little Red Book

Euphoria - Pick It Up + In Time (Jun '66)

Euphoria - Oh Dear, You Look Like A Dog - 1967

A few years ago I listed my estate sale Fender twin reverb amp on eBay and a woman  emailed me from Florida with some questions. 

Turned out he/she didn't want the amp, it was too new, but he/she did tell me her/his whole life story. His/her name is A.L. Douglas ( aka Angela Douglas), but he/she used to be Doug Delain from Detroit, guitarist for Euphoria, the Los Angeles/Texas psychedelic duo/band associated with Arthur Lee and Love, The Doors and The 13th Floor Elevators.

She/he sent me a CD of his/her new stuff too… badly recorded, as usual, for garage rock, but interesting. Mostly covers sung in a very deep masculine voice.

He/she was looking for sympathy apparently, told me a sad story about her doctor making her/him undress to be examined "just so the doctor could gawk" at his/her "mutilated" body. Didn't feel much sympathy… he/she has only her/him self to blame for her/his condition… in my opinion.

I felt uncomfortable corresponding with her/him, especially after he/she sent me that CD, so I stopped replying to her/his emails.

"Euphoria was originally a California group who moved to Houston and influenced (and were influenced by) the local musicians. They played with the legendary 13th Floor Elevators and this influence can be heard in Euphoria's songs. They had one single released on Mainstream Records and after their return to California they released an LP on Capitol Records. However, none of the band's available material equals the quality of these four unreleased songs which were recorded during their stay in Texas." From liner notes of Houston Hallucinations, Texas Archive Recordings 1982

The Barracudas - My little red book

My Little Red Book- The Nomads

Friday, April 24, 2015

Jesse Fuller - Ninety Nine Years And One Dark Day

"Wrong Side Of The River" + "Angel of 8th Avenue" + "The Original Mixed Up Kid" + "It Must Be Love" + "Home Is Where I Want To Be" .- Mott the Hoople


All from their sensational and highly underrated "Wildlife" LP. (c.1971)         


SRV - Couldn't Stand The Weather (Live From Austin)

Oingo Boingo - Insects (Live)

Danseparc (Every Day It's Tomorrow) / Martha and the Muffins

Madeleine Peyroux - Hey sweet man

Bert Jansch "Blackwaterside"


This one is for you Blue. Sorry about your Pop.

Pentangle - "People in the Highway" - Live


Pentangle is : bert jansch - guitar and vocal; john renbourn (missing here) - guitars ; jacqui Mcshee- vocal; danny thompson- bass; terry cox - drums

Check out Danny Thompson's bass playing on this track!

Benny Goodman - Sing Sing Sing (with a swing) Featuring Fred A. and Ginger R. - 1935

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Burt Bacharach Faves with - Dusty Springfield "The Look of Love", "A House Is Not A Home"; Cilla Black - "Alfie" ; Dionne Warwick - "Walk On By" , "Anyone Who Had A Heart", "Message to Michael" ; LOVE - "Little Red Book"; Tom Jones - "What's New Pussycat?"


Nico Sings Chelsea Girls in the Chelsea Hotel

Monday, April 20, 2015

B.Bumble & The Stingers - Nut Rocker

b bumble & the stingers ... bumble boogie

Kim Fowley produced this one. The piano player is Jack Fina. It's two a two track recording of two pianos, a grand for the rhythm part and a 'tack piano' - a modified upright with tacks attached to the hammers.

Johnny & Hurricanes - Red river rock.wmv

Little Remy & The Flying Rockers - Shadoogie - 1962

Electric Johnny & His Skyrockets - Johnny On His Strings (1960)


Indorock is a musical genre that originated in the 1950's in the Netherlands, It's a fusion of Indonesian and Western music, with roots that originate in Kroncong ( traditional Portugese-Indonesian fusion music). The genre was invented by Indo repatriates in the Netherlands after Indonesian independence on August 17, 1945 and became popular, especially in Germany.

Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood - Little Wing


Really love how their voices meld on this version....lots of smiles at the end!

Ku'u Home O Kahalu'u

My favorite Hawaiian song, sung by its writer, Jerry Santos of Olamana.

Hole - Violet


Thursday, April 16, 2015

George Harrison / Leon Russell - Beware Of Darkness (Concert for Bangladesh)


Jessica Simpson And Willie Nelson - These Boots Are Made For Walkin

J.J. Cale - Cocaine

Pledges (Skip & Flip) - Betty Jean - 1958

Skip & Flip were Clyde "Skip" Battin and Gary S. Paxton. In 1961 Paxton's roommate Kim Fowley, put together a band, The Hollywood Argyles to record Alley Oop which featured Gary on lead vocals.

Paxton went on to produce and play on other hit records like 'Monster Mash' by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett and The Crypt Kicker Five and 'Cherish' by The Association. According to Wikipedia, Paxton, an "eccentric and quixotic figure" was admired by Brian Wilson and feared by Phil Spector.

Alley Oop - The Hollywood Argyles

The Coasters - Poison Ivy (Original)

The Cadillacs - Speedoo (1955)

The Marcels - Blue Moon

Book Of Love by The Monotones

Who Put The Bomp - Barry Mann

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hello Mrs. Brown


The Flying Burrito Brothers - The Older Guys

John Prine - Storm Windows

The Remembering in HD by Yes

Neil Young - Old Man & Heart Of Gold [1971]

Joan Toliver - High Flying Bird

Prokofiev - Alexander Nevsky (greatest film score ever!

This is quite a performance of this brilliant work. Conducting is Yuri Temirkanov with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic.



Kevin Ayers "Shouting In A Bucket Blues"

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bamboo - Three favorite songs from the great Electra "BAMBOO" LP


One of the truly great undiscovered LP's from the 60's. Dave Ray was one third of Koerner, Ray & Glover, with Spider John Koerner and Tony Little Sun Glover. Dave died in 2002 and sadly I understand that Will Donicht has also passed. 1) "Treehouse" 2) "Blak Bari Chari Blooz"
3) "The Odyssey of Thaddeus Baxter"

Skid Roper - One Way Ticket To Palookaville


Musical tribute to Marlon Brando in the movie "On The Waterfront" from San Diego's own Skid Roper.

Warren Zevon - Porcelain Monkey - Live On David Letterman 2000


Fast forward through the 55 second intro... a fave by this great songwriter. Wonderful version of this song about Elvis performed by REM but have been unable to locate on youtube

Gillian Welch, Dave Rawlings & Emmylou Harris : Hickory Wind

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Otis Clay - You Don't Miss Your Water

Tommy James & The Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion - 1969

Groovin' - The Young Rascals

THE YOUNG RASCALS - 1967 - "A Girl Like You"

the trashmen - bad news 7''

The Grind by Gregory Dee and The Avanties

The Party that Wrote 'Home, Sweet Home' Never was a Married Man (1908)

The Beatles - Sun King/Mean Mr Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came In Throug...

Santo & Johnny, Sleepwalk, 1959

This was prompted by Robert’s post of Peter Green’s Albatross - Thanks ! -  which was written by Peter Green and inspired by Santo and Johnny’s Sleepwalk. Albatross in turn inspired The Beatles to write Sun King. 

I wondered who the third guitarist was on the Albatross video though as I thought Peter Green was the only guitarist on this song. According to Wikipedia the third guitar player is original member Jeremy Spencer miming Green’s recorded slide guitar parts. The newest member, eighteen year old guitarist Danny Kirwin did contribute guitar parts to the recording and actually helped Green complete the piece. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bob Seger System "2+2" with Vietnam Footage

powerful antiwar song

Bob Seger and the Last Heard Heavy Music Parts 1 and 2 (RAS special EDIT)

Hot Tuna - Full Concert - 03/04/88 - Fillmore Auditorium (OFFICIAL)

The Fugs - Boobs a Lot

The Fugs - I Shit My Pants

The Holy Modal Rounders - Boobs alot

1 & 2 - Holy Modal Rounders (Full Album)

The Holy Modal Rounders were an American folk music duo - Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber - from the Lower East Side of NYC. They were also, obviously, String Band revivalists in a style similar to R. Crumb's Cheap Suit Serenaders. 

Their version of Hesitation Blues ( track 6  ) featured the first use of the term ‘psychedelic’ in pop music. They "got the psycho-delic blues in their psycho-delic shoes".

In 1965 the duo joined Ed Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg in The Fugs for a short time. Weber wrote ‘Boobs A lot’ for The Fugs.

Bully Of The Town - Etta Baker

Friday, April 3, 2015

REO Speedwagon - (Only A) Summer Love (((Live)))

The song and sound quality are disappointing...but, I'd love to have smoked a doob and rock 'n' rolled to the two guitar interludes on this day.

Peter Handke - Song of childhood

Little poetry from director Wim Wenders' "Wings of Desire" (1986).

Cream - Born Under A Bad Sign

And here's the original ! Just kidding. Not bad though.

The same graphic artist had to have done the Wheels Of Fire cover and the poster you posted... do you know the name ?

Martin Sharp

B.B. KING - King of the blues 1960 FULL ALBUM

MIDIval PunditZ - Electric Universe

The Surfaris - "Surfer Joe"

Butthole Surfers - The Lord Is A Monkey (Rock Version)

To complement Robert's eggsilunt post - nice one, hard core !

PG release of Electric Larryland by The B***H*** Surfers


The U.S. Teens featuring Raoul - "The Battle Of The Bands" (1968)

This song was written by Harry Nilsson and Chip Douglas. Douglas produced the album and is well known for producing The Monkees big hits.

The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands is the fourth studio album released by The Turtles. Produced by Chip Douglas, it was released in November 1968 by White Whale Records. Some reissues of the album were retitled Elenore.

Shawn Lane - Gray Pianos Flying (REH, full quality version)

Guthrie Govan - Wonderful Slippery Thing - Guitar Solo Performance


A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan (1996) - Eric Clapton

In Session by Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan "Born Under a Bad Sign...

Rolling Stones Psychedelic-2000 light years from home

                                            A tribute to Kerr for mentioning this great LP.

David Peel & the Lower East Side - L S D Got a Hold on Me

David Peel was a very strange bird, used to see him in New York from time to time as a kid. I was with him at a pot march with a forty foot joint down fifth avenue (on our way to Attorney General Mitchell's apartment) when he asked me to accompany him on snare drum, something I wasn't very good at, to say the least. It was a disaster.

He was friends with my late friend Douglas Monroe. The popular legend had it that he would paint the cockroaches in his downtown apartment with fluorescent day glow paint and trip and then watch them scurry across his ceiling and leave trails.

My mother took the family to a moratorium march in D.C. and Peel played, he nearly caused a riot on stage. We ended up driving the drummer back to New York in the ensuing chaos. End of story.

Peel was a friend of Lennon. Didn't have any talent to speak of but he was a lot of fun in small doses.

THE TURTLES - The Owl (1968)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

60's POP PSYCH FAVES - Les Fleur De Lys "Circles" (1966) ; Apple - "Buffalo Billycan" (1969); Fruit Machine - "The Wall' (1969); July - "My Clown" (1968); Lyme And Cybelle - "Follow Me" (1966)



The Church -Under The Milky Way HD ( Official Video )

Louis Prima - Sing,Sing,Sing (With a Swing)

Michel Petrucciani - So What (Trio in Tokyo)

Inxs - This Time

Thunderclap Newman promo clip + Tom Petty Live "Something In The Air"


Don't Change

Butthole Surfers - The lord is a monkey.

Wayne Oien