Monday, September 21, 2015

The Doors "Riders On The Storm (Alternate Version)"

                                               Music doesn't start until a little after the two minute mark. Not as good as the final take but some interesting moments. Particularly like the electric piano part after about the 5:20 mark with the interplay between the piano and guitar. Also like the way the song winds down at the end. Very cool.

Amboy Dukes - Flight of The Byrd (1968)

Peaches - the stranglers

Robin Trower - Too Rolling Stoned

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Psychic TV - "Foggy Notion"

ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago

Eric Burdon The Animals - Monterey (clip, 1968) + Eric Burdon & War - Spill The Wine


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

[2:25] Johnny Cash - American III: Solitary Man - Solitary Man

Solitary Man


[7:54] J. S. Bach - Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor, BWV 582: Passacaglia (Walcha)

Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor, BWV 582: Passacaglia

Wally Gonzalez - Wally's Blues - Juan Dela Cruz Band [Original Version]

                                                  The original post was deleted on youtube so here it is again for those who were unable to view it. The greatest rock guitarist to emerge from the Philippines in the 60's and 70's. He along with his band Juan De La Cruz made a huge impact in the east by doing rock and blues songs in their native Tagalog tongue. He remains a huge influence in that part of the world. Check out the "On the Road" LP if you have the time. Some gems to be found there!

The First Cut Is The Deepest. Cat Stevens. HQ!!

Moody Five - Blue tail fly

Ronnie Lane. Ooh la la

                                                  Cuts off a bit prematurely but still very worthwhile.

The Hunters - Russian Spy And I (1966)

[3:43] Bob Dylan (Johnny Cash) - Nashville Skyline - Girl From the North Country

Girl From the North Country

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Richards disses Jerry

From here.

They may have been two of the summer’s hottest tickets, but the Rolling Stones‘ Keith Richards is no Deadhead. “The Grateful Dead is where everybody got it wrong,” Richards tells Billboard. “Just poodling about for hours and hours. Jerry Garcia, boring s—, man. Sorry, Jerry.”
Richards is coming off a well-received 15-city North American tour with the Stones, while the reunited Grateful Dead pulled in millions with a handful of shows they called Fare Thee Well – their first without Garcia, who died in 1995.
Up next is the release of Richards’ third solo album on Sept. 18. He says the low-key, groove-focused approach on Crosseyed Heart is one he’d like to see the Rolling Stones take on their next studio project. Instead of walking “in with nothing and ask[ing] [drummer] Charlie [Watts] to set up a beat,” Richards noted, Mick Jagger too often wants the Stones “to sound like what he heard in the club last night.”
In the meantime, Richards will play smaller gigs in support of Crosseyed Heart this fall, and then rejoin the Stones for South American dates in 2016. He’ll be doing them mostly – but not entirely – drug-free. It’s been decades since he kicked his now-legendary heroin and coke habits.But it’s not like he’s taken up a monk’s existence.
Richards conducted his Billboard interview with a drink in hand (described as “a midday cocktail of Campari and soda with a double shot of vodka”), and he still takes the occasional toke. “Eh, I love my pot,” Richards said. “Love my weed. Unashamedly a fan. A piece of good hashish now and again. But otherwise …”

I will comment tomorrow

[3:09] Clash - London Calling - The Guns of Brixton

The Guns of Brixton

[2:14] Fleetwood Mac - Rumours - Never Going Back Again

Never Going Back Again

[4:45] Chick Corea - My Spanish Heart - Love Castle

Love Castle

[2:40] Irene Kral - Kral Space - Wheelers and Dealers

Wheelers and Dealers

The Replacements - Swingin' Party

love that mural

Klan - Automaty (Late 60's Polish psych beat classic)

DUG DUGS - Lost in my World

                                                          One of the best from the great Mexican psych/rock band the Dug Dug's

Saturday, September 5, 2015

[5:14] Benny Green - That's Right! - Me and My Baby

Me and My Baby

Savoy Brown - I'm Tired

James Brown - The House of Blues - " ENTIRE CONCERT" HQ

Getting Better - The Beatles Rock Band Dreamscape

                                                      If you want a great example of Ringo's percussive genius this is a very good place to start.

I Am The Walrus - The Beatles Rock Band Dreamscape

                                                 Hit new ground with this Psychedelic Masterpiece.

Cilla Black - Burt Bacharach - Recording Alfie in Abbey Road Studios

                                                   The late/great Cilla Black who died suddenly in August at her home in Spain.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

[4:51] Nick Drake - Bryter Layter - One of These Things First

One of These Things First

[3:34] Gal Costa - Cantar - Lagrimas Negras

Lagrimas Negras

[6:37] Joao Gilberto - Undiu


Breakfast in bed

Beach House - PPP


Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band - Kandy Korn

                                                          In all of its full blown glory!!!


Red dirt-memories

The Budos Band "Burnt Offering" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO