Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Franklin's Tower" Slightly Stoopid (feat. Bob Weir & Karl Denson) - Liv...

In Memory of Elizabeth Reed - Allman Brothers Band & Eric Clapton

                                                              All three guitarists playing are over the top on this performance.

ABB & Eric - Little Wing - Beacon Theater, NYC 3-20-09

Eugenio Finardi + Harry Belafonte - "Jamaica Farewell"

                                                              One of my earliest song memories. The Harry Belafonte version was playing on the radio when I was a boy in the mid 50's in the Florida Keys.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Faith No More - Epic (Live @ Pinkpop Festival 2015) + Easy (Live Jimmy Fallon)


Marty Robbins-El Paso (Live)

                                                      Love the electric guitar accompaniment on this performance.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Beck - Tropicalia (Mutations)

Tropicalia - Caetano Veloso with English Translation

                                                        The song that started a musical revolution in Brazil.
Over my head, the planes
Under my feet, the trucks
Points against the high plains
My nose
I organize the motion
I guide the carnival
I inaugurate the monument
In the central plateau of the country…
Hail the bossa
Sa, sa
Hail the shack
ack, ack, ack, ack…(2x)
The monument
Is made of crépon paper and silver
The mulatto girl’s green eyes
Her hair hides
Beyond the green forest
The moonlight from the outback
The monument has no doors
The entrance is an ancient road
Narrow and twisted
And, on her knees, a child
Smiling, ugly and dead
Reaches out his hand…
Hail the forest
est, est
Hail the mulatta
Ta, ta, ta, ta…(2x)
On the inside patio there’s a pool
With water as blue as the ones from Amaralina
Coconut tree, breeze
And northeastern speaking
And headlights
A rose in the right hand
Authenticating everlasting spring
And in the garden vultures stroll
All afternoon long
Between the sunflowers…
Hail Maria
Ia, ia
Hail Bahia
Ia, ia, ia, ia…(2x)
On the left wrist, the bang-bang
Running through the veins
Very little blood
But the heart
Beats a tambourine samba
Emits dissonant chords
Through five thousand loud-speakers
Ladies and gentlemen
He rests his big eyes
On me…
Hail Iracema
Ma, ma
Hail Ipanema
Ma, ma, ma, ma…(2x)
On Sunday, it’s the Best of the Bossa
On Monday, he’s about the blues
On Tuesday, goes to the countryside
The monument is pretty modern
Didn’t say a thing about the design
Of my suit
Damn everything else
My dear!
Damn everything else
My dear!…
Hail the band
and, and
Carmem Miranda
Da, da, da, da…(3x)

Rolling Stones - I'm Free (in TechniColor)

Handel: Il pastor fido, Overture, HWV 8a - 1. (without tempo indication)...