Friday, January 27, 2017

Frank Zappa - Dancing Fool

Why Was It So Easy_LFDH54 with Butch Walker

DH originally recorded this song with Robert Fripp on the album Sacred Songs in 1977.

Produced by Dave Stewart. Stewart tells a funny story about him and Darryl tripping on

mushrooms during the recording of the album together, on an episode of LFDH.

Rod Stewart Feat. Faces - You Wear It Well - TOTP2 1972

Joe Jackson Breaking Us In Two (OMR)

An Evening With Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart

                                                        From a 1975 live FM radio broadcast with Frank and Don..some really cool moments here including "Debra Kadabra", "Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy", "Metal Man Has Hornet Wings", "Neon Meat Dream Of A Octafish", and "Muffin Man".
02-Orange Claw Hammer[02:53]
03-Debra Kadabra[07:13]
04-Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy[11:00]
05-Will You Drink My Water[16:50]
06-Pachuco Cadaver[17:55]
07-I Was A Teenage Maltshop[22:15]
08-Status Back Baby[23:42]
09-Ned The Mumbler[24:59]
10-Toads Of The Short Forest[27:32]
12-Speedfreak boogie[31:54]
13-Metal Man Has Hornet Wings[37:26]
15-Louisiana Blues[43:30]
17-How Could I Be Such A Fool (Studio Rehearsal)[46:31]
18-Boogie For Berkley[50:06]
19-Neon Meat Dream Of An Octafish[50:57]
20-Muffin Man[53:27]
21-200 Years Old[59:29]

Frank Zappa - Black Page - HD

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Kurws - Tanz Mit Kommune 1

The Kurws are a Polish post punk free form garage band with a unique and disquieting sound all their own.

Los Texao - Stone


Peruvian 60's band recreate their 1969 classic in the studio.       


                                                         Peruvian cumbia psyche band founded in 1966 by guitarist Enrique Delgado. They pioneered the psychedelic chicha sound in Peru, mixing Colombian music, surf and psychedelic rock, Peruvian folk, and Cuban rhythms.They started a whole musical movement in Peru that culminated in such great bands as Traffic Sound, Pax, and my personal favorite Laghonia.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Thievery Corporation - Take my Soul (Live at KCRW)

the rolling stones - we love you - mono edit


This is from "The Singles Collection - the London Years" 1989 [abkco-london 844 481-2, disc two.
Recorded June 12, 1967, released in the UK as a single on August 18, 1967, and as a B side single in the US on the same day. Edit for headphones. Pay special attention to the last two seconds of the song.... AFTER the fade out which I believe is unique to this mono version.
Mellotron and brass: Brian Jones.
Piano: Nicky Hopkins.
Lead vocals: Mick Jagger.
Guitars: Keith Richards.
Bass: Bill Wyman.
Drums: Charlie Watts.
Backing vocals: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
Mick and Keith wrote this after they were arrested along with Brian Jones on drug charges stemming from a raid on Keith's house, Redlands, on February 12, 1967. This was a thank you message to the fans who supported the band through their arrest. (eg. the jail ambiance at the beginning.)
This was also a "Thank You" to The Beatles, The Who and the editorial page of the London Times, who supported and spoke out in favor of the Stones after the three were arrested on drug charges.
The Who recorded and released a double A-side of the Stones' "The Last Time" and "Under My Thumb" to keep the Stones' music alive while they were going through their court and prison difficulties. Some rare film highlights this presentation.

Hendrix & Love - White Nigger

This is a remix. I don't think there is any connection to Arthur, could be wrong, need to research...

The Soul Survivors - Tell Daddy

with Duane Allman - 1967 Founder and vocalist Richie Ingui died this week.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Roy Buchanan - Hey Joe (Live From Austin TX)

"Sail On Sailor" w/Lyrics- The Beach Boys

                                                     Enjoyed the KGB version which caused me to go back to the original Beach Boy release to compare the lyric...quite different. A lot of different stories out there about the songs origins. Great song any way you cut it.

Peter Green & John Mayall - BBC2 Radio (2000) Bootleg

This is really good. Great recording, beautiful playing.

The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary 91X San Diego live in studio

Pictures of Matchstick Men (Mono Version)

-NEW- The Last Time Rolling Stones {Stereo}

The Doors - The Crystal Ship