Friday, June 23, 2017

Rickie Lee Jones - My One And Only Love

With Robin Ford on guitar and Charlie Haden on bass - Pop Pop is my favorite Riki Lee Jones album


Go, Leave - Kate and Anna McGarrigle

Go Leave

Ariel Pocock Don't you worry bout a Thing

Fishbone - Properties of Propaganda (Fuk This Shit on Up)

Grieg, Peer Gynt, side 1, Beecham

Grieg's music written for the play Peer Gynt is my favorite Romantic Classical suite. EMI H.M.V. ASD 258, the 1956 recording of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham, is my favorite performance of this music.

Sonically the early stereo LP is very good but the 15 i.p.s. pre-recorded stereo reel tape - EMI HMV SAT-1018 - is even better.  I was fortunate enough to buy a copy of the tape on eBay, probably ten years ago from a guy in England. If you are into pre-recorded reel tapes, find and buy this one. If you ever get the chance (which you probably never will).

My favorite piece is 'Hall Of The Mountain King'. Amazing! musically and sonically! When the troll chorus kicks in it makes you jump.

Recently, finally, I had my R-t-R deck cleaned up and calibrated and seriously listened to the tape for the first time. I was so impressed with the music and the sonics that I loaned my copy of this extremely rare reel tape to Robert Witrak, the proprieter of HDTT (High Definition Tape Transfers), from which he made a 'remastered' digital copy. If you're interested, you can buy a high definition transfer of my copy of this reel tape - as a digital download, CD or DVD - from HDTT (High Definition Tape Transfers) for $22.

Amazingly enough, the digital copies sound even better than the tape! According to Witrak the only 're-mastering' was "slight noise reduction of the high frequencies" (ie. tape hiss). The digital copies sound as good as they do because this guy has the absolute best play back and digital recording equipment available.

Go to the HDTT website to hear 30 second samples of each track.

Grieg: Peer Gynt In the Hall of the Mountain King - Beecham RPO

Monday, June 12, 2017


Merle plays so beautifully and lyrically here as do Doc and T. Michael. I was so lucky to see them play together before Merle's unfortunate tragic death.

Pussycat A-Go-Go - The Shindigs (Jerry McCain & Sam The Sham)

The Fabulous Thunderbirds - Tuff Enuff

Jerry McCain - Steady

Great harmonica player, influenced by Little Walter


From the Wikipedia Fabulous Thunderbirds article. "Tuff Enuff" is a song by the blues rock band The Fabulous Thunderbirds. It was written by the band's lead singer Kim Wilson and appeared on the album Tuff Enuf. It was produced by Dave Edmunds.

WRONG - Jerry McCain's is the original version. Kim Wilson emulated Jerry McCain's harmonica solo on their excellent cover. Don't know why McCain is not better known, he plays a mean mo fo harp!

A Fool For Your Stockings

Monday, June 5, 2017

Twisted Thing

Sandy Denny - The Ballad Of The Easy Rider


Booker T and the MGs ,Sam and Dave the Mar -keys and OTIS REDDING


BOOKER T. & THE MGs - LIVE 1970 - "Time Is Tight"

Sound is not great but musically it doesn't get any better than this - Booker T rocks! they all do. Check out CCR checking out the MGs from backstage. Love it.

Steve Cropper, Donald Duck Dunn final US performance TIME IS TIGHT Marsh...

Booker T. & The MG's - Time Is Tight (1969) HQ

B52s Planet Claire FULL HQ Restored best version!!

Les Paul with Brian May from the band Queen

Equal Powers [Studio Sessions] - Violents & Monica Martin

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Genesis - The Lamia

Hard to believe that the members of Genesis were only 22 to 24 years old when they put this project together.